Alice Alexander

Alice is a Junior studying Biophysics at the Johns Hopkins University with a keen interest for medical technologies, neurodegenerative illnesses, and birdwatching. When she’s not writing for the HMR, Alice does volunteering with patients at the Bayview Medical Center and does research at the Nauen Lab, using computational biology to study neurogenesis involved in brain injury and repair. Alice is currently on the pre-med track pursuing a career in orthopedic surgery.

From Shooting Games to Surgery: Video Games in Medicine

Since the advent of video games in the latter half of the 20th century, games and gamers have long been subject to demeaning stereotypes and controversial generalizations. However, the explosive industry growth, mainstream popularity, and cultural influence of the medium...

/ April 16, 2017


We welcome you to Hippocrates Med Review! We hope to provide a world-class forum that showcases a holistic view of medicine as told by the brightest minds in the medical field. Despite medicine’s impact in our lives and the world,...

/ January 21, 2017