Joe Rizkallah

Joe is a freshman studying Molecular & Cellular Biology. A member of HMR’s Medical Humanities team, he is interested in exploring the complex interface between sociocultural factors and clinical practice, as well as diverse topics relating to bioethics, medical philosophy and the nuanced boundaries between humanities and sciences (or lack thereof). He is also involved in numerous on-campus organizations, including Alpha Phi Omega and Refuel Our Future, and he is currently conducting research at the Viral Oncology lab of the Johns Hopkins medical campus. Outside of class, he enjoys swimming, badminton, and exploring the nooks and crannies of Baltimore.

Children, or experiments?

As health & medicine research on children continues to expand, in light of its benefits to scientific progress, the Hippocrates Med Review takes a step back to examine the ethics of this morally ambiguous phenomenon.   Think about your little siblings,...

/ November 15, 2017

A Dollar for a Life

The doctor won’t see you now. Unfortunately, in a phenomenon that reflects contemporary interplay between economic considerations and ethical concerns, this brusque phrase has become concerningly commonplace. As worries multiply and become increasingly more cumbersome, physicians are – just like...

/ August 27, 2017

Biased Healthcare

When was the last time anybody enthusiastically anticipated a doctor’s appointment? The doctor’s office is typically not a particularly agreeable place to be. However, this unpleasantness does not entirely stem from health-related concerns and anxieties that plague patients’ thoughts. Healthcare...

/ August 3, 2017


We welcome you to Hippocrates Med Review! We hope to provide a world-class forum that showcases a holistic view of medicine as told by the brightest minds in the medical field. Despite medicine’s impact in our lives and the world,...

/ January 21, 2017