Sebastian Mendez

Sebastian is a pre-medical student pursuing a Neuroscience major and Psychology minor at JHU. He is a member of HMR’s marketing team. He is a research assistant at the Bakker Memory Laboratory, assisting in the identification of non-invasive in vivo biomarkers for Alzheimer’s. In addition, Sebastian volunteers for Thread, providing socio-academic support to select public school students. He is also a violinist with the Hopkins Concert Orchestra.

The Potential of Zika Virus in Cancer Treatment: An Overview of Oncolytic Viruses

Despite significant strides in cancer research, current treatments for a lethal form of brain cancer — glioblastoma — remain palliative and ultimately futile. However, recent experimental research utilizing a unique brand of viruses demonstrates the real possibility of developing a...

/ November 27, 2017


We welcome you to Hippocrates Med Review! We hope to provide a world-class forum that showcases a holistic view of medicine as told by the brightest minds in the medical field. Despite medicine’s impact in our lives and the world,...

/ January 21, 2017