Shravi Lam

Shravi is a freshman pursuing a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Bioethics. As a member of the clinical medicine team, Shravi aims to keep her readers updated with the latest advancements in translational research and clinical techniques. Outside of HMR, Shravi is actively involved in research exploring the molecular mechanisms of mood disorders, and serves as a volunteer and Clinical Experience Coordinator in the JHH Pediatric Emergency Department. She is especially interested in bridging the gap between scientists and clinicians, and hopes to bring together laboratory research and clinical medicine through her work with HMR.

A Prescription For Cultural Competency

With the ever-increasing diversity of our nation come new opportunities and challenges for healthcare providers and policymakers. Despite the many notable advancements that have been achieved in the last decade, new treatments have failed to be effectively applied to racial...

/ November 27, 2017

The “Sandwich” Method: A New Technique in Ventral Hernia Repair

Ventral hernias, a common complication in nearly 10% of all open abdominal surgeries, occur when abdominal tissue or organs protrude through a gap between the muscles of the abdominal wall ( 1 ). Of the 350,000 to 500,000 ventral hernia...

/ June 24, 2017

Repetitive TMS: A Potential Solution for Treatment-Resistant Adolescent Depression

As of late, the World Health Organization has thrown the spotlight onto depression, which it has recently cited as the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. While many who experience depression are able to find relief through antidepressants,...

/ April 16, 2017


We welcome you to Hippocrates Med Review! We hope to provide a world-class forum that showcases a holistic view of medicine as told by the brightest minds in the medical field. Despite medicine’s impact in our lives and the world,...

/ January 21, 2017